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Guard Llama Guarantee

We protect everything listed on while the items are being rented out.

What happens if my stuff gets lost, stolen or broken?
We cover you if anything happens while one of our users is borrowing your stuff. We guarantee to pay the replacement value of anything up to $2000 (as we grow, our coverage will grow - so share Rent Llama with everyone).

After something is broken, what do I need to do to get my replacement?
We’ll ask you to send us pictures of the item from before and after and fill out a simple form - that’s it.

How long do I have to file a claim of a lost or damaged item?
48 hours after the rental has ended. So make sure there is a transaction in the system. If you meet up with someone and accept cash instead of processing the transaction through the site, you're not covered.

What’s the procedure for things like scratches or basic cosmetic damage?
A normal amount of wear and tear is to be expected, so if it’s something you absolutely cannot stand the thought of having a new scratch on, probably best not to share it with anyone. Our users are reasonable and responsible, but of course accidents do happen.

How do I file a claim?
To start the claims process, send us a message here. We’ll get back to you right away with forms and next steps.

Our Rental Guarantee Shield

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to lenders: All items listed on are protected by our Guard Llama Guarantee. We will repair, replace or refund you for your item if it’s lost, damaged or not returned. Every item is covered up to $2000. Learn More.

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How It Works

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